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Company Profile HY MACHINE KEY LTD is one of the largest machine key manufacturers in Taiwan. The factory is located in LiuYing Technology Industrial Park, Tainan, Taiwan, it has been producing and delivering keys with high precision and quality in several years, ensuring the movement of the most different mechanical systems. READ MORE 


    We manufactures machine keys at our factory in Taiwan and has sales staff that communicates in English and Chinese. We ships machine keys to the USA, Canada, Australia, China, Europe, Malaysia and the Middle East countries. We strives to make the term Made In Taiwan a synonym of Made in Trust. With newest full automatic machines what from Europe to manufacture high-quality machine keys, We has earned the trust of its customers worldwide with competitive on price, lead time, quality control and service, even most of them better than other compaetitor.


We have an infrastructure of more than 1,300 square meter, it houses special machines dedicated to the production and termination of keys. The people who work in them are trained, ensuring excellence in the production of these parts.%。

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    List of in-plant equipment:

    Fully Automatic Band Saw

    Semi-automatic Type Aluminum Cutting Machine

    Fully Automatic Type Aluminum Cutting Machine

    Arc cutting machine

    Precision surface grinding machine

    High Efficiency 3-Dimensional Vibratory Series

    High speed grinder milling machine

    Polishing Machine